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About Us:

For more 15 years now we have been planning, producing and constructing steel structures and curtain walls.

We focus on the construction of private and commercial buildings, industrial complexes, bridges and also modern design architecture.

Before the year 2000 we starting as a small handicrafts company, we have accepted and mastered the challenges of the market. We invested in equipment and technology to constantly improve the design of our buildings and meet the requirements of our clients.

Increasing the capacity of our own production, human resources, specialized staff training, that’s all enables us today with more than 200 employees to implement dozens of different objects simultaneously with broad architectural flexibility.

For our customers we are a strong partner who is in the technical matters involved in project development and design of the object as well as we continue the delivery of quality and fast completion of the building.

For our prestigious clients we deliver exceptional realization in the field of construction, we are fulfilling their specific requirements and together we create fine works of contemporary architecture. We care about the quality and precision in the implementation of all small structures and projects as well as the large architecturally significant buildings.

Your unique design


Your cost savings up to


Variability of buildings


Speed of process saves your time up to


Quality and overall processing


Quality of production

The quality of the production is ensured by workers with years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of steel constructions and high quality machine equipments used in production. With advanced and special equipment production area, the company ranks among the best on the market.

Cost savings and environmental aspect

With our experience and know-how, for our customers we design economically most advantageous solution. Cost savings of building are usually achieved by using recyclable light steel elements and cladding to reduce the overall costs of implementation, including the costs of setting up objects.

Speed of the building process

By choosing a steel object, the time between the start of manufacturing, construction is reduced and the possibility of starting using the object, building is very fast.

Objects can be used

A wide range and possibility of use objects a buildings in the production area, industry, entertainment and services sector. Architecture adapted all requirements and possibilities of the investors for their widest use and satisfaction.

Professional service

AVG Group provides professional services and advice not only in our headquarter but very often at the premises of our clients and on-site construction. Sales representatives and specialist technicians will advise you in choosing the elements of AVG and will answer all your questions.

Uniqueness & originality

Perfect aesthetic and technical solutions limited only by the limits of your imagination. Unique combination of AVG system element will open the way to the uniqueness and originality of new building solutions. Building structures with high strength, low weight and technical perfection are developed for modern architecture with an emphasis on emotion and aesthetics.


Our objective is to implement the overall ideas of our clients and their architects.

We believe that, with the help of continuous research and cutting-edge technologies, we can implement the most innovative design ideas with full respect for both people and the environment.

Whether it is building cladding, roofs, doors, windows and window frames in steel, aluminium, chrome-nickel steel or bronze – we exploit the whole range of our specialized knowledge and create individual solutions for every job at the highest level of quality. With enthusiasm and expertise we also solve the most difficult and most complex metal construction tasks.

The use of steel, glass, aluminium and innovative materials enables us to implement the ideas of the most brilliant and visionary designers, with both curved and linear elements configured in complete freedom of expression.

Varying production requirements mean that industry has to make use of customised and above all flexible architectural forms and structures. An industrial building made of steel offers immense, well-lit internal areas. It can be constructed in a short space of time and is easily converted or enlarged in line with changing requirements.

In the last few decades, the focus of the relationship between industry and architecture has shifted from large-scale to medium-sized industries. This proves that advanced design does not always mean high costs. In fact, it can lead to greater productivity and efficiency.


AVG Group hold all the necessary certificates and licenses for carrying out construction work. Employees are regularly trained, educated in working with new technologies and using of innovative materials. Production management and quality of finished products, technical assessment and quality control of products meets all the requirements of international standards, technical norms and standards in the construction industry. Example: EN ISO 3834-2 , EN 1090-1 + : 2012.

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