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The use of steel, glass, aluminium and innovative materials
enables us to implement the ideas of the most brilliant and visionary designers.

Here you can find a range of basic products from which you can choose only what you need or we deliver for you the complete, whole building adapted to your needs, your unique ideas or a building with a brilliant design.

Steel Structures AVG

Is the basis of modern buildings can be used for:

  • Multy-storey construction
  • Industrial buildings
  • Multi-functional buildings
  • Technologies, platforms, bridges
  • Buildings with overhead cranes
  • Buildings with built-in and technological platforms

Complementary steel structures and locksmith products AVG

Aluminum facades AVG

Compact laminate facade AVG

Mineral Plexiglas facades and interior cladding AVG

Glass facades AVG

Structural facades AVG

Semi-Structural facades AVG

Facades wavy profiles AVG – (waves)

Photovoltaic facade AVG

Windows, doors, showcase

Glazing loggias and balconies AVG

Glass decoration AVG

Winter gardens by AVG

Shielding Slats AVG

Design Profils

Steel lathing

Perforated materials

Metal cloths